Aurora Tech TU Black/Chrome Ballpoint Pen T31

Aurora Tech  TU Black/Chrome Ballpoint Pen T31
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Product Description

Aurora Tech TU Ball point Pen, TU the new collection from Aurora, meaning YOU in Italian, a collection reflecting a modern, young and metropolitan style, a line that stands out clearly, like the city skyline, a shape that opens the eyes and the mind to the new horizon. Where urban time and human touch become as one, to recapture one's time, grasp life and transform it into written word. Available in a fountain pen, roller ball pen and cap activated ball point pen.

The Turinese company, symbol of the Italian excellence since almost 100 years confirms once more with the new creation its supremacy in the best expression of design, in the research of materials and in the distinction of shapes.

TU is dedicated to the young people moving around the world, to the globetrotters of the Third Millenium, to who catches its life and makes a sign of it.