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FABER-CASTELL is an internationally operating group of Quality Pen companies with German roots, manufacturing High Quality Fountain pens, Roller ball pens, Ballpoint pens and Mechanical pencils.

Faber Castell is producing in 16 factories world-wide and runs 19 sales units and can be found in more than 100 countries. The Faber-Castell Group counts approx. 5500 employees.

DESIGN LINE Design Line writing instruments is part and parcel of our daily lives and enhances our quality of life if it is good. Even everyday fine pens and pencils may turn out to be eye-catchers while being instrumental in terms of ergonomics. Needless to say, Faber-Castell Design products embrace the functionality and performance required of writing implements today. Simply browse through this beautiful collection and pick your personal favourite.

PORCHE DESIGN LINE These high quality writing instruments are designed in accordance with Ferdinand Alexander Porsche's personal philosophy: timeless good design is not just a matter of superficial styling. It is a process that takes place from within, as part of the formal implementation of a functional principle.

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