Pelikan Pens

Pelikan Pens
Pelikan Pens and Fine Writing Instruments. The Pelikan Pen Company was founded by the Hornemann Family in April of 1838.

In 1863 the firm was taken over by the production manager Gunther Wagner, and then it again changed ownership in 1895, when Fritz Beindorf took over and committed the company to vast expansion.

The German spelling of 'pelican' is 'Pelikan' and every pelikan pen has the emblem of a pelican on its nest with its young. This trademark symbolises family bonds and loyalty, something the brand is rightfully proud of.

Meticulously crafted of high quality materials, the signature gold-plated Pelikan "beak" pocket clip adds originality! Assembled with care by hand and individually checked for workmanship and finish, thereby guaranteeing the quality and reliability of these pens. A pen for every hand size.

The greatness of these fine writing instruments compare with the quality of other pens from Germany like the Montblanc pens or a more casual style as is the Lamy or Rotring pen.

Italy boasts of other fine writing instruments, take a look at our Aurora Pens. or the Visconti Collection.

From Switzerland comes the Caran D'Ache and Waterman from France.